Thursday, March 23, 2023


This March, we’re highlighting Disney Eats: More Than 150 Recipes for Everyday Cooking and Inspired Fun by Joy Howard, as one of our favorite quirky cookbooks. This book has foods that will make the whole family smile, picturing some of your beloved childhood characters and scenes from popular Disney movies. From main courses, to quick snacks, this book has it all. Each recipe is accompanied by an adorable picture and blub to give you just a little more to love on each page. Our staff loves this book and recommends it for a child’s birthday party, or a family movie night! Some of our favorite recipes include “Sulley Jam-Filled Tarts,” “Fit for a Princess Smoothie Bowls,” and “Mrs. Pott’s Melon Salad.” If you’re looking for some fun new dishes, you can find this title under the call number, “641.5 How.” If you’re a fan of this book, Howard has some very similar titles: The Disney Villains Cookbook, and Tiana's Cookbook that can be found on Amazon, all rated five star reads on various platforms. If your family has a chance to check out Disney Eats, let us know what your favorite recipes are from this quirky book!

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